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Fill out the application form below, or download the PDF version and send it over to Steve Maly or Jason Lemon.

Application Information
Yearly Application Dues

$200 Per Year. Non-refundable without exception.

Application Process

1. A prospective member may attend two meetings as a visitor.
2. Prospective members then complete this application and submit their dues to an officer of PNG for review.
3. The membership committee will contact the prospective member to initiate the interview process.
4. PNG will then notify the prospective member of acceptance or non-acceptance before the next meeting.

PNG Questionnaire
1. Are you able and willing to make the commitment to arrive at our bi-weekly meetings on time and stay throughout the 60 minutes?
2. Are you willing to abide by PNG Policies, guidelines and ethical standards?
3. Do you belong to other networking organizations?
4. If you are not able to attend, do you plan on notifying a PNG officer?
5. In your absence are you able to send a representative of your company in your place?
PNG Ethical Standards

Upon my acceptance to the Professional Networking Group, I agree to abide by the ethical standards during my year-long participation in the organization. Please read and initial after each.

1. I will to live up to the ethical standards of my business.
2. I will to display a positive and supportive attitude with all PNG members
3. I will to take responsibility for following up on the referrals I receive from PNG members
4. I will to build trusting relationships between members and their referrals
5. I will to be truthful with the PNG members and their referrals
6. I will to provide a quality service at the price I have quoted
7. I will invite two guests or referrals per month, or a combination of the two.
8. I agree that I will be reviewed on my performance on a quarterly basis
9. I agree that my membership will be terminated after two unexcused or five total absences per membership year.

I understand that typing in my first and last name above constitutes a legal signature confirming that I acknowledge and warrant the truthfulness of the information provided in this document.

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Groups and Teammates

We've Got You Covered

No matter where you are in Lincoln, you always have teammates around you. Connect with the teammates in your area now!

Good Life Group

Piedmont Bistro by Venue

1265 S Cotner Blvd, Ste 38
Lincoln, NE 68510
Every other Thursday from 12-1 pm

North Group

Panera Bread

201 N 66th Street
Lincoln, NE 68510
Every other Thursday from 7:30-8:30 am

PNG Business Unplugged

Egg and I

1601 Q Street
Lincoln, NE 68506
Every other Tuesday from 12:00-1:00 pm

South Group

Honda of Lincoln

2770 Yankee Hill Rd
Lincoln, NE 68516
Every other Thursday from 7:30-8:30 am

East Group

Venue Restaurant & Lounge

4111 Pioneer Woods Dr, Ste 100
Lincoln, NE 68506
Every other Wednesday from 12-1 pm

The Calendar

Convenient Meetings All over the City

We’ve been known to hold some pretty fun and professional social events throughout the years. Keep up with what’s coming by checking out our calendar. You don’t want to miss out on any exciting network opportunities!