Being Prepared and Ready for Anything

In the networking world, it’s all about making the most of your connections. If you want to improve your business and increase your sales, our best advice is to make the most of any and all opportunities to network and build business referrals. This doesn’t mean you should be schmoozing all the time, but keep in mind you are the face of your business and you should always be ready for that next possible lead or sale.

Here are a few tips so you are always prepared.

1. Always carry a business card or some form of contact information. You never know when you’ll bump into someone that could be a potential contact for you.
2. Always keep an ‘elevator pitch’ on hand. Be prepared with some useful information about your business for anyone who may be interested. Remember to keep it brief and interesting, the last thing you want to do is to bore or overwhelm a potential business associate.
3. Be yourself and not too sales oriented. The best rule of thumb is to remain positive and honest about your business. That positivity is truly contagious, and if you’re confident others will be too.
4. Make the most of any business networking group or event. Try to be personable, interesting, and above all listen to what other people have to say.
5. Give your business personality so that it’s memorable and easily relatable. You never know when you’ll meet a potential customer or referral. Don’t discount anyone – building up a strong list of positive supporters for your business will only help you whether it’s tomorrow or years from now.

The best way to form lasting connections is to be genuine and approachable. Nothing is worse than being at a networking event or social situation and someone is giving off such negative body language that no one wants to talk to them. You are representing your business at all times and you should always be ready and willing to put its best face forward. Each member of PNG in Lincoln is always on the lookout for the next business opportunity not only for themselves but the rest of the networking group as well.

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